Hilary: Supposed to be writing a paper

October 2, 2011

Yes.. I am procrastinating, those who know me know how hard this is for me!  Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing a report about the educational trip we took within the education track this past week… but I just got back from spending a night and two days with one of my professors in his small farming community and would rather write about that.

My professor Luis lives in Pacilqui (i think thats how it is spelled), in the province of Malchinquí (I know thats how it is spelled) in a community of about 500 people. It feels like a big family everyone knows each other and has known each other for all of their lives, there were so many inside jokes!  I was feeling some major culture shock not understanding everything that was going on and very foreign to the routines that the family had.  We didn’t do that much work on the farm; watered some newly planted trees, cut some Alfalfa for the cuyes, fed the pigs, toured the community, watched a game of equivolley (volleyball with three people and different rules), and this morning went to a meeting with the Alcalde (it was kind of a town hall meeting with the president of the community, assembly members, and representative for the area listening to the critics and needs of the community), and then left that meeting early to see the community soccer team beat another community 7-3 to advance to the next level in a tournament!

I think what struck me the most was the reciprocity between everyone, the amount of respect, and how safe the community is.  Reciprocity is a concept nationwide within indigenous, rural, and even some urban communities.  The idea is that everyone is equal and when someone needs a hand, food, or water they receive it knowing that their turn will come to give back, and they do so.  These actions are given and received without a concern or worry because they are all apart of a community together and work for what is best for their community in all manners.  

Ok.. sorry for the incomplete thoughts, i’ll get back to you with more!  Now I need to stop procrastinating and write this other report!  I hope you are all happy, healthy, and living your lives!

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