Jon: Sand and suits

October 9, 2011

First off I apologize to my avid blog readers (aka mostly Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa) for not posting in a while. School is definitely picking up so I’ll try and recap the past few weeks. As I put in mentioned before I went up to northern Jordan to visit the eco park my internship will be working with for two days and so missed school. Then that Wednesday Amman experienced one of the Middle East’s great pleasures… a sand storm. It wasn’t windy so I guess it wasn’t really a storm but you could see the sand in the air. Side note, Amman use to only get these storms once a year but now due to climate change Amman receives about four of these sand days a year which for the record is caused by temperature inversion in the air right above Libya which causes the sand to pick up. I ended up missing another day of school because I was up all night coughing from the sand… not fun.

Other than that it has been relatively slow paced. Yesterday I went with a friend to the downtown market where we went shopping. I bought a pin striped suit jacket for 2JD (about $3) and puma shoes that in the US would have gone for a $80 for $20!!

That’s about all I have for now. Looks like these next few weekends will be interesting though. The last weekend of October I will be biking around some desert castles, in two weekends I will be going to a weekend long Yoga retreat in Dani reserve which sounds amazing, and also will be going rock climbing at the dead sea! I’ll make sure to update after those.


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