Emily: Letters from Barcelona—week 5

October 12, 2011

Dear Classmates from International Economic History: You all make me feel like a celebrity every. single. class. Also, thank you for the compliment that my “accent” when speaking Spanish is not that American! Just you wait, my accent can only get better the longer I am here!

Dear CIEE Building: You are in a passageway that tourists actually stop by and take pictures! Many mornings when walking to you, I cannot believe that I am actually living this experience I have dreamed about for years!

Dear Madrid: I am still worn out from visiting you last weekend! It is hard to be a full-time student AND a full-time “cultural experiencer” (because “tourist” just sounds so…touristy!) 

Dear Elderly Man in the Supermecado: Today, I was able to understand that you were looking for the fresh bread and walked right by it and that you were making fun of yourself for it–but then you started asking questions… I will be the first to admit that I have made vast improvements in listening and reading in Spanish. The speaking–not so much! By the time I figure out the words and sentence structure to respond, the conversation is past… Anyway, sir, I am sorry if I seemed rude when I gave you my blank look.

Dear Flamenco Show: This week, the economics program from CIEE (all 10 of us) were given the opportunity to go to your show with our guardian angel (a Spanish econ student that is required to be our friend). Barcelona is not really the region for flamenco which makes me even MORE excited to visit Sevilla! 

Dear Cappuccinos: Maybe if you cost more than a euro here, and there weren’t seven cafés on every block, I wouldn’t have become addicted to you. Whatever am I going to do when I go back to the United States and go back to paying an arm and a leg?!

Dear Spanish Professor: Sometimes you teach us words and phrases that are EXTREMELY helpful to know, even though the subject matter isn’t exactly professional. I think this is totally acceptable.

Dear Montserrat: Tomorrow, a bunch of us are going to hike you and visit the monastery in your rocky ledges. I am excited and can’t wait to write you another letter next week about the experience!


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