Lauren: Feels like home… well, let’s not push it

October 15, 2011

In an effort to cure my insomnia, I have made attempts to make my room feel more comfortable and homey as opposed to just short of a prison cell… okay I am being dramatic. But I really needed to make my room feel more like MY room. So I rearranged, swept and took a bus trip to IKEA with my little Floridian friend Akeem. I bought two rugs, a storage bin, and a candle from IKEA (it smells like Christmas!!!!!!!). I really wanted to buy a duvet for my pilly, scratchy little comforter I have here but I think I will wait on that… maybe just until tomorrow. I also hung up some pictures I brought with me and stuck some Halloween gellies on my window that I got in the mail from my Minnesota mom, Linda.

New rug- $3.42

Junior the alligator, new ghost stickies, a fake flower I took from the lobby downstairs, and my little quote picture from Bridget.

New arrangement with my ugly red rug (it was the best of the cheapest) and that damn blue ugly pilly comforter.

And now… for the best part… My little storage cube for my yarn and other supplies.

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