Chiyo: Brick Lane

October 20, 2011

Fall Break has officially started, and I couldn’t be happier. I had a full day of classes, and the second class I have is my pop culture class, where every other week we go on a field trip. Today, we were going to the National Gallery, but upon my arrival I was greeted by Olivier, who is part of the internship team, and informed me that my professor had to cancel class due to a family emergency. So I waited for my two friends to arrive, and we went around Covent Garden, and Leister Square before my roommate and I had to go to Brick Lane for Curry Night. 

After we were done wandering around Covent Garden and Leicester Square, my roommate Diane and I took the tube to Brick Lane, and ran into our friend Vince, and ended up stopping in a record stop that he knew of since we were early. It was a very chill atmosphere, and we spent a good amount of time in there before heading back to the front of Brick Lane to the restaurant, we had some more time to kill so we stopped at a pub for a pint and to catch up with one another. When we arrived at the restaurant, a lot of other CAPA students had already gotten there, and we had a table to ourselves. The food was absolutely amazing, and my first time trying Indian food. We had 3 courses overall, and each course got better and better. We definitely had “food babies” by the end of the night. Once we were all done eating, we decided that if we needed to use the Lou, we would get off at the next stop and stop in at a pub for a pint and continue on until we got home. I gave up after two stops because I knew I had to get home to skype someone, and I still had to pack for Fall Break, where I fly out tomorrow morning. Back at the flat I am scrambling to get ready for tomorrow, and I can’t wait to embark on traveling to Eastern Europe for the next ten days. No internship, or class, and just me and my friends relaxing, having a good time. This time that I have been abroad is flying by like no other, and I can’t believe I have less than two months left here before I’m back in the states…It is already starting to feel bittersweet, especially because November is already filling up with events and things I am doing. 



Chillin before our field trip to the National Gallery

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