Emily: Letters from Barcelona—weeks 6 & 7

October 24, 2011

Dear Montserrat: What beautiful hiking trails you have! It was nice to be out of the urban metropolis of Barcelona and in nature. 

Dear Salvador Dali: You were a crazy man, and your artwork is no less crazy; yet at the same time, I really enjoy looking at it. Thank you for introducing me to a new way to think and look at things.

Dear School: You are picking up. I have midterms this week. I was always hoping that studying abroad would be more “living” abroad and not “studying”.

Dear Passeig de Gracia: Every. single. day. I walk down you to get to my classes. I have never been one to feel like I need designer clothes (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jimmy Choo) but really, making me walk by these stores day after day is driving me crazy!

Dear Holmes Place Gym: Your trainers look at me like I am crazy when doing my workouts. One woman (a Canadian living here) told me she knew I wasn’t Spanish because I was working too hard and sweating too much. I’m taking that as a compliment.

Dear Autumn: You have finally arrived in Barcelona. This means no more back sweat from my backpack, AND I was able to break out my pea coat I got on sale last March. Thank you!

Dear Sister: Yesterday you completed your second full marathon! I am so proud of you! I can’t wait until we can run together (me a half-marathon, you a full!)

Dear Spanish Cooking Class: You are probably one of the most fun and coolest things ever! I am inspired to take a cooking class in each country I travel to! Plus, I am way excited to cook some authentic Spanish cuisine for my friends and family!

Dear Family: 59 days until you are here! I cannot wait to show you España!

Dear Spanish Keyboard: Seven weeks in, I think I have finally figured you out.

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