Kelsey: Rugby madness!

November 6, 2011
So many people (including myself before this trip) from home have no idea that there is a “Rugby World Cup” (RWC) and that even the U.S. has a team! Well it just so happens that the entire RWC was held in New Zealand this year and there were numerous games played all around the country including in Dunedin. I had seen an All Blacks game in the beginning of the year (remember when I forgot my camera?) and wasn’t keen on seeing anymore rugby at first, but that was before I watched any of the RWC games and fell completely in love.

I watched most of the games online but when I got the opportunity to go to one of the games with Steph and Dan, I took it and it was so worth it! We had the choice to either have the cheaper tickets or tickets that were 10$ more and have the chance of getting better seats so we took that latter option and ended up getting front row tickets to the game with England vs Georgia which was so cool to see! Games atmospheres are a bit different here but being at a RWC game was definitely cool and it was crazy to see how big these rugby men (and how good looking they are ) up close.

The rest of the games I just watched on TV, and continued to grow as a fan and great timing to be an All Black fan because they ended up getting all the way to the final, and winning! Me and a couple friends were down in the Octagon (downtown Dunedin) watching the final game and when the final seconds passed with the All Blacks beating France by one point, the town went crazy with everyone screaming and throwing their hands in the air in excitement. The town was painted black with the bars absolutely packed (mind you, it was still a Sunday night!) and when me and some other girls went home around 2 AM, the Octagon was still absolutely packed with people.
It was a very unique and exciting experience to be in New Zealand (where rugby is the determinant of the country’s happiness pretty much) with the RWC going on, let alone when New Zealand actually wins the entire tournament! It’s been so much fun to be a part of the excitement and the whole tournament and the celebrations. This country is so in love (and borderline obsessed) with rugby it’s great to be a part of that passion.

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