Chiyo: the world is your oyster

November 30, 2011

I love Wednesdays for two reasons. 1) Stylist magazine comes out and is FREE and 2) I have a 5 hour break in-between classes to spend exploring London. Today during my break, I went to my favorite “escape”, Covent Garden. I didn’t realize until this afternoon how much I do in London on a regular basis. I’m always on the go, and it was nice to just stay in one place for a few hours; especially one of my favorite spots in London.

I had some Christmas shopping to do, so I went to one of my favorite stores and bought some really great gifts for friends back home. I also made a stop at Apple Market, which in the winter turns into such a cute, festive, market. There is a HUGE Christmas tree, ornaments that are probably 6 feet in width hanging up all over the ceiling, and a giant astroturf reindeer. After spending some time at Covent Garden, I headed to South Ken to get away from the protests that were taking place nearby, and went to the Natural History Museum. There is a huge exhibit on dinosaurs right now, which made me think of my old roommate, and sorority sister Basalo. I took way too many pictures, and had a little too much fun for a 22 year old. My five hours soon came to an end, but overall it was a nice break from class and my internship.

In my LTI class today, we talked about the protests that were taking place here (1.5-2 mil ppl are protesting pension cuts), and then we had to form groups and draw pictures that described our experience here in London, but with no words. So we basically drew our adventures in Ealing since we spend so much time here it seems, and we’re just that tight of a group. Back at the flat my flatmate and I are enjoying some drinks, food, and jamming out to Jessie J. 

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