Chiyo: Sherlock

December 3, 2011

Do you ever have one of those mornings where your body just won’t let you sleep in? Yeah…it was one of those mornings for me. I was all excited that I actually got to sleep in, and didn’t even set my alarm. And then my body woke me up bright and early. So, since I was up and could not fall asleep, I went for a run around the park, and found a new running trail that is right alongside the golf course. Needless to say, I had a great run, with beautiful views of the course. Once I got back from my run my flatmate Katie was up, and after showering and catching up with her briefly, I was out the door and on my way to Tesco to get groceries. I came back with plenty of food to keep me stocked until my parents arrive on Thursday (so excited!), and then settled in to make lunch and watch a movie before heading out for the day.

Katie and I both had the Sherlock Holmes Museum on our bucket list of things to do/see in London, and with only 6(!) days left in London, we knew today was one of our last chances since finals are this coming week. We were off to the famous Baker Street to visit the museum, and once we were inside, it was just a really cool house. I took so many pictures, because I have a sorority sister back home who is absolutely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. Once we were done touring the museum, we popped into the gift shop and picked up some really great gifts for friends back home. 

The great thing about London, is that there is always, ALWAYS something new to do each day. AND, everything is pretty close to one another depending on the tube lines that you are already near. Lucky for me, Abbey Road was only one tube stop away from the museum, and I am a Beatles fan. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my dad, so I knew I had to pay a visit to Abbey Road. Katie also loves the Beatles, so she had no objections. We arrived at the famous Abbey Road, and took pictures of the crossing that they were photographed at for an album cover, and everyone who is a Beatles fan can recognize this crossing. Abbey Road Studios is also right there, so we took pictures of that as well, and right along the studio is the graffiti wall of song lyrics from their albums, and names of all the people that have come and visited. Katie and I have a tradition of leaving our mark wherever we travel, so naturally, we wrote our names on the wall. I can’t wait to show my parents where I left my name when I take them there next week, and I plan on having them right there names as well. 

The day was still young, so we went to Bond Street and walked around until we hit Marble Arch, but the crowds of people were beginning to be too much for us, and we decided to head home to our flat. I’ve got the flat to myself since Katie went to yet another play, Allie is two floors up working on term papers, and Diane has been MIA for the past 24 hours. So with my alone time I have been watching some movies, and applying for internships and jobs back in the cities. I am much appreciating the alone time, as you rarely get it here in London. I’m just hoping I can have a few more hours of peace and quiet before calling it a night.


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