Tyler: Pre-departure

December 25, 2011

Getting ready for this trip was kind of a struggle. I just got done with finals on Thursday night, the 22nd. I was home in Sartell and saw some people on the 23rd. The 24th and 25th I was busy celebrating Christmas with the family. Christmas night, I found myself struggling to get everything in line. I am now fully packed and ready to go and it is 12:30 am on the 26th. I thought about sleeping for about 3 hours until I needed to go but 1) I’m too afraid of not waking up to my alarm and 2) I just had a full mountain dew and am wide awake. Sooooo….I thought this would be a good time to start this bloggity thing.

My itinerary for Monday, December 26th:

3:30 am  Wake-up
4:00 am Cab arrives
4:30 am Arrive to airport and try to figure out where to go
5:00 am Finally figured out where to go…
7:15 am Flight out of Minneapolis Airport
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Chill in Dallas and then take off again
3:05 pm Arrive in Mexico City to meet up with the rest of the program

I honestly have no idea where it goes from there. I will be studying in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It is just a little but more south than Mexico City. I will be taking a bus with the rest of the program to Cuernavaca but after that it’s really up in the air. I will be staying with an older woman named Gloria Perez along with 3 other guys that are in the program. I’m really excited about some authentic Mexican food and to just be a part of their culture. During my studying abroad, I will be taking a Spanish class from 9am-1pm every day (not sure if that includes weekends or not).

I’m pretty much just going with the flow with this trip. I’m really excited about the experiences that I have coming up and what life is going to be like in Mexico. This is my first time ever leaving the United States! Hopefully I don’t get kidnapped by drug lords and forced to become a drug mule….I’m thinking that is worst case scenario though!


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