Tyler: Tepoztlán

January 6, 2012

This past Sunday was a lot of fun. After the New Years Eve clubbing, more than half of the group that I’m with in Cuernavaca met up at 10:30 am to get on a bus to Tepoztlán. It is about 45 minutes from Cuernavaca. It is known as a touristy town because of all the small shops and the temple that was built on the nearby Tepozteco Mountain.

Once we got to Tepoztlán, we all just wanted to get up the mountain. Little did we know, just climbing up the mountain was going to be an adventure in itself. I don’t think we were expecting the climb that we had to endure. It took about an hour and 15 minutes of pure hiking up rocks and steps to get to the top. Once at the top, it was really cool. The view was remarkable. We could see for miles. Everyone was really nice on top of the mountain too. A Mexican group came up to us and the girls wanted to take pictures with my roommate and I and the guys wanted to take pictures with the girls that we were with. Haha I guess we look very American…who would have thought? Here are some pictures from the trek up the mountain.



climbing more

Justin Miller and Tyler Page

view from Tepozteco

After climbing down the mountain for an hour, my roommate and I had one thing that we HAD to try before we left Tepoztlán, “quesadillas con chapulines”. If you were to translate that, you would figure out that “chapulines” were grasshoppers. All of the food that we had eaten so far at Tepoztlán was really good and very cheap. We had been talking to our teacher all week about how we wanted to try them. So we finally had our chance! We found a store and ordered a quesadilla with grasshoppers, hopefully the first and last time I will ever do that. I mean, it wasn’t horrible but it definitely wasn’t good. When I got a leg stuck in my tooth… that was a deal buster for me. We all had a bite and it really was weird. We followed the disgusting and crunch grasshopper quesadillas with plenty of chicken quesadillas because they were so good.

grasshopper tacos
Before heading back to Cuernavaca, we also stopped at this little ice cream shop that our host mother had told us so much about. We got a big group to go there and we all go a bunch of different types of ice cream. The ice cream here is a lot different than the ice cream in the United States; it is a lot less dense I think. Anyways, I got watermelon ice cream which was really weird but also insanely good. There were other people that got bunch of different kinds with come actual fruit in them. There was also a kind that had tequila in it (only in Mexico right?). 

Overall the day was great. We got back to Cuernavaca around 8 at night and just relaxed at home for the rest of the night. We also quickly finished our composition that was due the next day. To those of you who think that this is mostly a vacation, I quickly learned that there was also a lot of work that goes along with this trip. We have class for 5 hours a day and then sometimes we have things in the afternoon plus 2 hours-ish depending on the day of homework. It’s a lot of work but I am enjoying it!

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