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Chiyo: All. That. Jazzzz!

November 25, 2011

Tonight, will go down in history as one of my favorite memories of London. But before I get to why it was so memorable, I’ll start from the beginning…

I got to sleep in today since I didn’t have to go to my internship, which was lovely. Last night my flatmates and I had talked about trying to get tickets to Chicago for today, and I wasn’t really sure if I would be up for it because I’m still sick, and thought I would be worn down and not “enthusiastic” enough. Katie woke up early to go to the theatre to try and grab us tickets, and was successful! Once she got back to the flat, the three of us ventured out to Harrods, because they had just received a litter of bulldog puppies, and Allie is OBSESSED with bulldogs. We walked around Harrods for a bit, saw the puppies, and then walked to Hyde Park where the winter festival is taking place. There were rides, food stall after food stall, and lots, and lots of mulled wine. While Allie and Katie grabbed mulled wine, I had a Hot Toddy (because they’re known for helping colds), and Katie and I stumbled upon a currywurst stand and started to geek out. Currywurst was the one food item we fell in love with while in Berlin, so of course we got some currywurst and pomme frittes to snack on! Once we were done with the winter festival, we headed to the V&A museum near our school to kill time before Chicago.

The show was absolutely amazing. America Ferrera, best known for starring in Ugly Betty on ABC and starring in the Sisterhood and the Traveling Pants movies played Roxy Hart. She held her own on that stage, and really did quite well. The woman who played Wilma was super old, and threw us all off guard but man, could she dance and sing! The cast was fantastic, and afterwards we waited by the door where they all exit, hoping America would come out to sign autographs. The guy that played her lawyer in the show is named Darius Campbell was the first to come out, and he was super nice and was willing to sign everyone’s souvenirs. It was about a 15, 20 minute wait before America shows up at the door, and there is her publicist, and a gate to block her off from everyone. We waited patiently and were probably 5th in line, and when we got to her it was incredible. She signed our tickets for us, and we asked her how she was liking London, and how long she has been here for. She was so sweet, but you could tell she was exhausted from doing two back to back shows. She was also kind enough to let us get a photo with her (which my roomie Allie has), and after we got our photo with her we squealed like little school girls. I’ve watched her in television and in movies for years now, so it was just awesome to meet someone who you have seen in film and television before. Allie and Katie met up with some of our Newman Crew friends, but I was tired and just wanted to get home. Plus, I knew it wouldn’t be smart of me to go out when I’m still sick. I’m definitely looking to sleeping in tomorrow!

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