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Chiyo: London Bucket List

September 3, 2011

This morning we had to get up yet again at an early time so we could go on our panoramic tour of London. The tour started at 9:30, and we were off to areas like Kensington Street, and the “City of London.” A majority of the trip was from the coach bus, where our tour guide would point out popular attractions such as Westminster Abbey, the bank where you have to have at least 100 million pounds to be a member of, The Tower of London, and much, much more. We took a short break halfway through the tour and stopped at St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is better known for the cathedral where Prince Charles married Lady Di. Once we were done walking around it was back on the bus, where we got gorgeous views of the London Bridge, and the London Eye. The tour ended at 12:30, and my two roommates and I headed back to our neighborhood of Ealing Broadway for some much needed R & R. 

The plan for tonight is to stay put, because we’ve all been running off of 5 hours of sleep max, due to getting adjusted still, and raging a little too hard since we’ve gotten here. Some of the CAPA kids are going to Ministry of Sound, one of the “hottest nightclubs in London,” but the girls in my triple and I plan on catching up on sleep since we’re going to Camden Market and Primrose Hill tomorrow. I’ve been compiling a list of things I want to do while I’m in London, so here is the start to my London Bucket List!

London Bucket List

  1. Visit Westminster Abbey/Big Ben
  2. Ride the London Eye again
  3. Go to the ice bar
  4. Visit Harrods
  5. A trip to several of the free museums to see the robotic dinosaurs
  6. Go to Abbey Road
  7. See the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  8. Try real Indian food
  9. Make a trip to the Tower of London
  10. Spend an afternoon in Hyde Park
  11. Visit Princess Di’s memorial where the car crashed
  12. Attempt to try fish and chips
  13. Attend London Fashion Week
  14. Go to Piccadilly Circus for a day

Deanna: Ready, set, DO!

October 6, 2010

Without further ado, my Study-Abroad-India-2010-No-ReGreTzZz Bucket List…

1. Visit the Taj Mahal. Obviously. BREAKING NEWS: I’m Agra-bound in T minus two hours!

2. Buy (and bargain for) some serious Rajasthani bling. Jaipur is a gold mine of gorgeous jewelry, and the world’s largest market for cutting and polishing stones. I’m thinking I might need an advance on my Christmas money…

3. Have a conversation with a stranger in Hindi. I can spurt a couple of useful phrases (Mai thik hu./I am fine.  Mera nam Dede hai./ My name is Dede. Mai Amerika se hu./I am from America. Jao./Go away. Nahi/No. Nahi! Nahi!/ Seriously, no!  and recently, some good ol’ fashioned “abuse” language—courtesy of dear Bulbul—that I dare not transcribe) When I can say, “I don’t want your stupid elephant figurine, especially for 500 freakin’ rupees, and stop undressing me with your eyes for the love of Shiva,” mission = accomplished.

4. Watch a Bollywood blockbuster at a local “talkie.” Girl’s gotta get her four-hour-long Shahrukh fix somehow.

5. Do hatha yoga in an ashram. Think Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love minus the whole religious-conversion thing.

Put my doodling skills to the test and 6. learn the henna-desinging art of mehndi.

7. Consult an astrologer and hopefully, find that my future is full of many “auspicious” occasions (see #2).

8. Get an Ayurvedic massage. But before I can lie stark-naked at the mercy of some strange Indian lady’s indiscriminate hands and aromatic oils, I’ll have to 9. conquer my fear of  eyebrow threading first.

10. Rock a sari. And I mean rock, not wear.

11. Explore some classic and contemporary Indian lit. Currently reading Arundhati Roy’s poetry-cum-prose in God of Small Things.

12. Watch a professional cricket match and finally, figure out what the hype’s all about. (scroll down to the last paragraph of this article.)

Get my non-veg on and 13. chow some tandoori chicken. And considering my tragically mediocre Indian meat-eating experiences thus far, this task only counts as completed if the butchered bird rivals my auntie’s drowl-inducing Chinese New Year recipe.

Couldn't tell you what the headline says...

And #14 on would have been to make it on the front page of our Hindi-language local daily, like my friends Ellen and Sam here.

But in a city where meeting a real, live white girl is the American equivalent of–oh, say–this, I think I upped the ante when a TV news reporter interviewed me at Ganesh-ji’s bday festival a couple weeks ago. Celeb. status = achieved.

Here’s the proof:

Check out the stink eye from shortie in the background.

So finally, I refuse to leave this country until my host momma teaches me how to 14. make her panacean masala chai and perfectly round chappatis.

Expect a blog entry as I cross each item off my list, beginning after my Agra trip!

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