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Katie: Starting to feel like home

June 27, 2011

Whew. Where to start. Welp, I got back from Paris just about two weeks ago and boy have these past two weeks flown by. We are at the final countdown everyone. Only one more week of class/work and then I have 9 days free until I fly home. It is weird to think that I am so close to going back when London is starting to feel like home. I have gotten into my routine. I am getting comfortable with my internship and my class. My roommates and I have found a tv show we watch together every Monday night [Made in Chelsea – England’s version of the Hills. I know it is trash but oh so entertaining]. And I am trying to experience as much of the city as I can with my time left. 

I realize that I forgot to post where I’m living and working [forgot to take a picture of CAPA where I have class]. On the left is Home Sweet Home. Located about 30 min by tube outside of central London. On the right is Aftershock. I work at the Head Quarters. Yes it does look like a warehouse because it is. The Head office is also where they have all of the clothing and mail out the online orders.  


Below you have a picture of the Tube/London Underground. I actually miss riding it, though most would rather not. You see, the quickest and easiest way to get to work three days out of the week is to ride a red (single decker) bus so no tube for me until Wednesday when I venture into the city for class. The tube is often crowded and ho,t but the reason I like it is because the Metro and Evening Standard (free) newspapers are given out at Tube stations. So I don’t get to read the paper Monday and Tuesday which is quite sad. 


Today we went to Changing of the Guard. It was great except for some pushy people. 

While (the English say Whilst) we were there the Queen must have been sneaky and left for Windsor Castle, her other home. We arrived and the Queen’s flag was flying (on the left) and then we glanced up sometime later and what do ya know, Union Jack was up there. It was crazy packed. (I included the picture on the left because I think it is funny. There was a very vocal duck that kept trying to waddle into the Queen’s Gallery so the security guards kept having to chase it out)


The two guards that were changing played two songs each, it was cool to here them play and see them march and especially getting to compare their commands and marching styles to my experience in the U of M Marching Band. 


Sarah and I go to church at Hillsong United. It takes place on Sundays (obviously) at the Dominion Theatre where the musical, We Will Rock You plays throughout the week. Last week after church we explored the SoHo area and found a quaint little public garden. 

Transport for London hires/schedules musicians to play on these little marked areas in the Underground Stations. They definitely brighten any mood and make the Underground a more enjoyable place. 


Nutella is crazy popular over here. And can you believe I hadn’t tried it before coming to London? Well, big mistake on my part. It is delicious and apparently a healthy replacement for peanut butter (which they don’t have a lot of here). We decided to take our nutella craze to the next level and use it in puppy chow. All I have to say – delicious. 

It is that time of the year – Wimbeldon. If you don’t have a ticket (me) you can go to this mall that I stumbled upon and watch the matches in these lovely folding chairs on a big screen with the floor painted like a tennis court. It was great. Except Andy Roddick’s loss.

We decided to paint again. This time, Big Ben, our favorite clock tower. Painting this time was a whole different experience. No one came up to us (luckily), it was dark out because we did it after class one day, there were pigeons everywhere, and there was not a patch of grass in sight to sit on. Even though it was different it was just as much fun. 

Here we are all finished! Except for Sarah, she was feeling creatively challenged. 🙂

Lindsey: A Royal Weekend

June 17, 2011

Last weekend we went to see the Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace. This is one of the Queen’s birthdays. (Yes, she has two!) We lined up in the second row on the mall (the road that leads to the palace) and got ready for the parade to start. It looked just like it did for the royal wedding. There were tons of people there and the mall was lined with huge British flags. First, the guards in the black fuzzy hats paraded around in bands, on horses, and in kilts playing bagpipes. They make their horses walk sideways and backwards. So crazy!! While we were waiting, the entire royal family drove by in their fancy British cars, heading to the palace. Everyone went crazy when they saw them! When the parade finally started, more royal bands, soldiers, and police officers rode through on decked out horses. Then came the royal family!! First it was Prince Andrew, Camilla, Harry, and Kate. They were riding in an open carriage 15 feet away from us! It was so cool to actually see them! They all waved and Harry gave one of his cute scrunchy smiles. And if you were wondering, Kate is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures! People just love her here. Every day in the newspaper, there is a huge new picture of her, showing what she was up to the day before. Anyways, then came the QUEEN! I thought people went crazy for Harry and Kate, but when she rode up they went nuts! In their British accents they all shouted “Oh my, it’s the Queen it’s the Queen!” and waved like crazy. It was so fun. Will was riding behind the queen in uniform on his special grey horse (everyone else had jet black ones). I couldn’t even tell it was him! But he sure looked good! We waited for the parade to come back and saw everyone again as they headed back into Buckingham. They all went up into the balcony of the palace and waved to all the commoners below as the bands played and people cheered. It for sure felt like a Disney movie. And a British version of 4th of July all in one. It was such a cool experience!

I would have written about this earlier but my camera’s memory stick is on the fritz, so I don’t have my pictures of this! BUT here are some of my friend’s pictures from the day for now!

Afterwards we finally went to Westminster Abbey, which was beautiful! We then all met up with our family friend Carl and he took us out for some authentic British food at The Albert pub! 
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