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Chiyo: Going crazy

December 6, 2011

Since I did not have to go into my internship, I got to sleep in. Which was lovely. I got up and took my sweet time getting ready (which basically meant putting yoga pants on), and slowly got started on looking over my case study that I have been slaving over these past few days. In my international mktg class, our final is a paper that we have to write on a case study regarding the Gray Ferrari. It is only 3 pages in length, but extensive research has to be done to support our paper, and it is worth 40% of our overall grade. So to say that I have been slightly stressed, is an understatement. I’m going crazy. I think I have spent the most time on this case study, than any other paper that is due this week. Not just because it is worth so much, but because our professor is a douchebag. And he’s a tough grader. So being the perfectionist that I am, I want it to be “perfect.” 

In-between writing my case study, I was watching random American T.V. shows on my laptop to keep me sane, and while writing my paper I’ve had James Morrison on repeat. I was supposed to go ice skating tonight with my flatmate, but my paper has consumed my life so we had to postpone. I got to the point of no return tonight when I literally needed to go to the floor, wrapped up in my blanket like a hot dog, and roll around and count to ten to stay calm. I even screamed to let out my frustrations on this case study. All the while entertaining one of my flatmates who thought it was hilarious. I was in the laughing, crying stage at this point. My flatmate left our living room to make me a drink, and right after she left I ended up injuring myself. I’m such a klutz, and that was the cherry on top of my night! 

My case study is calling my name…

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