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Jessica: Scotland and back

May 29, 2011

Scotland was amazing. It was super packed though with it being Bank Holiday, so it was a little overwhelming at times. It rained a ton which was a bummer- today was the first day it didnt rain at all. But we saw amazing art, street performers, the castle, shops, it was wonderful. I was definitely consumed with nostalgia at times, and I for some reason got way homesick during this weekend. 

We had our flight at 8 am so we left the hotel at six. For those who know me, this is entirely way too early. We got there and there were about eight others who had been there since midnight or one because they didn’t get a hotel for Saturday night—cheap but they were all deliriously tired LOL. May have been worth the money for me. 

We got home and just slept so hard. It’s amazing how we have only been here a week and it felt like coming home. There is a comfort here and seeing the familiar buildings and stores. It felt good to not be so busy. 

We officially made friends with the Starbucks barista Daryl (does this surprise anyone??) and it turns out when we made friends in Facebook that he is best friends with the two brothers Connor and Callum. Small. World. So we hung out tonight at the Eg and celebrated their football team’s big win. Can’t understand them sometimes but it’s okay—apparently they barely can either LOL.

Daryl confirms that with generations passing, the conflict is resolving and people just want to move on, mix, and be done with it. Coming from a mixed marriage himself he actually isn’t religious and in Ireland being Catholic is easy—they go to church for like forty minutes and it’s the same thing every time whereas Protestants are seen as more extreme because they go to church more and it’s different and “people were speaking in tongues and I was freaked out.” 

He coaches a basketball team for Peace—meaning he coaches a team with mixed religions and tries to bring them together through the sport. How cool is that?? Its exactly where we are going tomorrow. Corrymeela is that organization we visited that focuses on creating peace and conflict resolution amongst Protestants and Catholics through many facilitations and conversations which will be awesome to see!

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