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Samantha: It’s Almost Spring!

September 2, 2009

Winter is almost over!!! Spring starts September 21st and I cannot wait. The days are starting to get warmer, last week the temperature got over 75 degrees Fahrenheit! I am learning more and more Spanish and making more and more Chilean friends!

Last weekend I traveled with my family to a summer house in the country! There we celebrated the birthday of three of their cousins who have birthdays in September. There is always an abundance of food which almost always includes grilled chicken and fresh vegetables. Their birthday cakes put every desert that I have ever eaten in the United States to shame! The taste is just as good as the presentation!

Last weekend I also visited the southern part of the city of Valparaiso. My families Nana took me on a tour of the hills of Valparaiso and showed me where her favorite soccer team plays! We watched the sunset from a place called Playa Ancha which was beautiful!

I am taking a class called Traditional Chilean Dances. My professor is very expressive as well as a good dance instructor. We are learning a dance called the Cueca which is the national dance of Chile. Everyone dances this during the celebration of their independence day which is the 18th of September. My family and Chilean friends are very excited for this celebration and almost everyone has had plans made for a month about what they are going do!

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