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Ellen: Irony

December 5, 2010

13 weeks in India and I have not been called out on doing culturally insensitive things more than in these last 7 days.

  • I lay down on a bed and didn’t realize that I was pointing my feet toward the Laxmi shine, so I had to apologize to her.
  • Suresh opened my journal and started reading it and I snatched it away from him (because his name is written in it a few hundred times), and I sat on it. But books are considered gods, so I had to bless the book.
  • I turned down chai… I know!!! Stupidstupidstupid, but I was in an emotional mood and I just couldn’t handle being put through the wringer of no brother/not married again.
  • I was called out on talking while I ate, but I think it was because everyone is annoyed with not being able to understand me (Newsflash: I cannot understand you either.)
  • I went to the rat temple in Bikaner (rats. everywhere. no shoes.) and freaked out, but had to be reminded that they worship these creatures.


  • I don’t think anyone noticed, but I did laundry and put my underwear outside to to dry.

Jaipur tomorrow! Face-to-face with native English speakers! Gosh, I haven’t experienced that in over a month…

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