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Brittany: The end is here

December 23, 2010

Soo….I am back from the beach. It was amazing—really relaxing and I got a lot of sun (maybe a little too much…)

It is hard to believe I have been here for 3 1/2 months! I am excited to see everyone, but am worried I may die from the cold! After the Amazon and then the coast I have lost all tolerance for cold. It is 50 degrees in Quito today, and I am freezing!

I´ll leave you with two quick lists…

Things I Miss from the USA:

  • Good chocolate
  • Real coffee
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Flushing toilet paper
  • Driving myself anywhere
  • The food
  • Spices of any kind—anything but salt!
  • Drinking water from the tap
  • Having more than one week´s worth of clothes
  • Eating healthy
  • Independence
  • American boys
  • Animal Control
  • Brownies and cookies

Things I Will Miss from Ecuador:

  • Traveling on a whim
  • Fresh juice in the morning
  • Raspberry-coconut batidos (juice with milk)
  • $1.25 beers (and they´re nearly twice the size of the standard US bottle)
  • The music
  • Waking up to mountains or jungle or ocean
  • Cheap fruit (especially $.20 granadias)
  • The flowers
  • Kissing on the check to say hello and goodbye
  • Magnum icecream bars (yes, that is really their name)
  • So few responsibilities
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