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Anna: ¡Estoy en Buenos Aires!

July 15, 2009

I arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday after a very long over-night flight during which I got VERY little sleep. As a result, my first experiences of the city are sort of hazy. After meeting my roommate at the airport, we took a cab to our home away from home and started to unpack. We live in the neighborhood “San Telmo” which is one of the oldest parts of the city. Every Sunday they have a street fair with performance artists and artisans selling various items so we wandered around that for a bit before crashing for a serious 3 hour siesta. For dinner I had empanadas for the first time and started to feel a bit more human and settled in.

Yesterday was my first day of classes and so far they are going very well. Spanish is still a struggle for me, but most of what I learned last summer has come back to me and I´m holding my own. The school and the instructors here are very good and I´m really enjoying the class time. I´ve had quite a bit of homework so I haven´t had much time to explore the city yet, but I´m starting to develop familiarity with the area in which I live and where the school is located. Having a sense of normal for those things makes it then easier to try new things. The new thing for today was the Subte (subway). It´s pretty much like any other city subway so is nothing too exciting, but having a first experience of the subway under my belt makes me feel much more comfortable branching out to check out other places, or ride the subway into different areas of the city.

Pictures will follow eventually, but not today, unfortunately. I have homework to do!

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