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Chiyo: The Gap

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year everyone! This year, I’m trying to strive NOT to make any resolutions because I can never stick to them. Instead, all I want for this year is to continue to grow in my career path, graduate from college, and stay healthy. I’ve got some great ideas for where I want to be career wise, and today I have an interview with a company whom I absolutely adore. The Gap.

I had applied for The Gap while still in London along with several other job applications, hoping I would hear a call back from someone (but specifically hoping I’d hear from The Gap). I love how classic they are, and they remind me of a more affordable Ralph Lauren. I’m excited for this interview, as I already had a phone interview last week which I thought went well, and after taking a class on interviews, and having an amazing internship in London this past semester, I feel like I am ready for today.

I told myself that I wanted to turn this blog into a fashion blog so in honor of my interview with The Gap tonight, I am posting this great mood board of menswear at The Gap. Why menswear you may ask? Well…I have discovered my passion for menswear, and that is where I want to be in the fashion industry. I have found my niche, and can’t wait to see where it will take me!


Chiyo: Adjusting

December 27, 2011

I have been back in the states for a week now, and I am still adjusting to my life stateside. At first things were more difficult than they currently are, but I am slowly getting used to my lifestyle back in the states. The first night I arrived home, I was super tired from traveling for 18 hours straight, and was hit with “reverse culture shock.” Everything I had once known, was somehow different to me. I hadn’t seen the cities in months, and it was like a whole new world. I had gotten so accustomed to the gorgeous, architectural buildings in London and all over Europe, and then I came back to the states and everything just seemed…blah. 

It also took me some time to see things in dollars instead of pounds, and I still find myself looking at a clothing item, or something at the grocery store and seeing/saying pounds instead of dollars. My sleep schedule is all messed up as well, but that is what comes with the jet lag and trying to adjust to a completely new routine and schedule. I remember my first night home you’d think I would be so tired and want to sleep, but I ended up staying awake until 5 am, and then being wide awake again around 7:30. It is not abnormal for me to fall asleep around 7 pm now a days, and until I can get my sleep schedule on a more normal path, it will be like this for awhile. My body wants to stay on London time!

I am looking forward to the future and what lies ahead, and am already making big goals for myself. This coming Saturday I am helping host a NYE party at my place, and already have plans to meet up with friends before the big day to catch up and shop since I haven’t seen some of these people in months. This blog was meant to be all about London and my travels, but I figured since I am back in the cities and trying to find my niche in the fashion world, I would take a stab at making this a fashion blog come January 1st, 2012. My goal is to blog about styles I saw on the streets, in stores, particular window displays that caught my eye, and to take lots of photos to post. I will also try and put together a mood board every month to blog and post about. Wishing you all luck with your future endeavors! Here’s to the year 2012. 


Chiyo: Busy internship

November 15, 2011

It still amazes me how fast time has been passing since getting back from Fall Break. Our professors warned us that the second half goes faster than the first half, and I didn’t believe them. Until now. I was at my internship today looking at the calendar, and realized I am only in the showroom a mere 12 more times. I’ve become quite the expert at the systems we use, and I hardly have to ask queries anymore. I’m not ready to leave this family that I have become a part of quite yet, and I know that when I have to say my goodbyes it isn’t going to be easy. 

The first job I tackled when I arrived at my showroom was to finish up an excel spreadsheet that I had been working on for all of our IRL (Ireland) customers. To my shock, when I opened up my document, none of my work had saved from last Friday, even though I remember hitting save several times (because I get paranoid), and NONE of it had saved. So I had to start from scratch, and that took up about 2 hours of my time. I sometimes get so caught up in my work, that I tend to forget about lunch. So around 2:15, my supervisor asks me if I had gone to get lunch yet, and I look at the time and realize how much time has passed. Not wanting to leave my work, I just run next door to Sainsbury’s and pick up something quick to eat. I had to retrieve more barcodes for some of our buyers, and I know that if I ever get into a fashion job that involves finding barcodes (style codes and more) for a buyer, I will be a PRO at that. I’ve got the system down to a “T.” I was cranking out my tasks left and right, and before I knew it, it was time for me to head on home. 

Back at the flat I was bitten by the cleaning bug, and tidied up my side of the room, organized all my clothes, cleaned up our living room, and put a load of laundry in. Still having the cleaning bug, I took our bathroom rubbish from both bathrooms and dumped them into a big garbage bag with the rest of the rubbish I had collected, and took out the first bag of trash. I was so proud of myself because I knew our flat would be nice and tidy for when the cleaners came tomorrow. That’s when my roomies told me that actually, no, the cleaners would not be here tomorrow. Because tomorrow is Tuesday. And our cleaners come on Wednesday mornings…fail on my part. But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about tidying up before Wednesday morning now!

My to do list: 


Chiyo: Back to reality

October 31, 2011

This morning my alarm went off way too early compared to what I was used to just last week, and it was back to reality for me. I did my normal “getting ready” routine, and was out the door to head to my internship after being away for 10 days on holiday. I arrived at my internship, with a full house on our floor, due in part to the start up of Sales Week for season Z. I checked my work e-mail, and found several e-mails with queries that I needed to take care of, and got to work on those right away. Once I finished with those tasks, I had to place several urgent orders for a few of our regular buyers, and checked accounts for the previous season to make sure we could go ahead and send out the merchandise. 

With Sales Week, I am constantly doing something, and there is never a dull moment. Now that I have gotten the swing of things with having one Sales Week under my belt, I think this time round it won’t be as stressful, but I know it will still bring on stress. Just because we have to make sure we get the orders right, placed on time, making sure the buyers like what they see, etc. There’s a lot that goes into Sales Week, and we are showing our Summer collection to the buyers. 

Tomorrow, I get to meet with a big buyer who will be looking at our Women’s EDC (junior line) with our head buyer Pete who runs EDC, and I am SO excited. I love meeting with buyers, and picking their brains, and I just love sitting in on appointments. It is invaluable experience that I am getting with Sales Week, and I’m looking forward to another chaotic day at the showroom tomorrow. 


Chiyo: Where East meets Westfield

October 18, 2011

I got to “sleep in” today, and man was it glorious. My alarm went off at 8 am, and I took my time getting ready, since I was going to be visiting Westfield Mall to do “research” on my company. I lost track of time, and was out the door at 8:30 to catch the tube. Although I’m glad I got to go to Westfield this morning, the commute to the mall is just ridiculous! 22 stops from Ealing Broadway to Stratford, so in total it was an hour and a half commute. I had a few minutes to spare before meeting up with my supervisor, so I popped into Starbucks and thank god they knew how to make a Vanilla latte. Like I mentioned earlier in my blog, Starbucks is a lot different here, and not every location knows how to make a latte anything but just the plain ol latte. As I was waiting by Esprit, the Apple store is diagonal from it, and the queue outside of the store was massive! I wanted to pop over and see what the big deal was, but my supervisor Jean was strolling up, and the doors opened up to our store, signaling the mall was officially open.

We browsed around for a while, taking in the layout, the design of the store (since no two Esprit stores are the same), and did a bit of shopping. After meeting some of the associates and talking about the company, Jean and I went up to the second floor to look at the mens line. Working in a fashion showroom has really made me think about what area of fashion I want to get in to when I graduate college, and after looking at the men’s line today, it has only further affirmed that I would love to be a buyer for menswear. I just love men’s suits and the tailored look, and there’s just something about menswear that has caught my interest since arriving in London. Maybe it is the nicely dressed men I see every day. Who knows. But I do know that if I get an internship in the Spring or Summer in menswear, I would be quite the happy girl. Jean and I walked around the mall for a good two hours, and she told me about some of the British designers of the stores we would enter, and I taught her a thing or two about American brands, like Abercrombie and Fitch and Forever 21 (two brands that have implanted themselves in Europe). Once it was about 12:15, we headed for the underground to go to the showroom and finish up the day. 

My tasks were really simple, which was good because after shopping for the first half of the day, I was so not in the mood to do anything. I logged a few returns that need to go back to Germany, and checked on a bunch of customer’s orders. I said my goodbyes to my co-workers until October 31st, when I return from Fall Break, and headed for the tube stop, where there was quite the queue. I soon discovered that the queue for my line was so long because the tube was backed up with some complications on another line. So after waiting for a good 30 min, I was able to squeeze onto my train, and was literally packed in the tube like a sardine. Thankfully after about two stops it started to clear up, and I could move once again. Back at my flat it is just me and my roommate Diane, and I’m proud to say that I finished all my term papers that are due this week. I just need to polish my internship presentation, and then I’m calling it a night and un-winding with my book I brought from the states. 


Esprit Westfield store


Chiyo: “Keep calm and put the kettle on”

October 17, 2011

I saw the above saying at Portobello Road, and I relate to that saying so much. It’s ironic because as I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I have a cup of tea sitting next to me. This week I’m just trying to survive, since I am swamped with term papers, a presentation for my internship, and a case study for my international marketing paper while juggling my internship. Thursday can’t come soon enough when I am officially on FALL BREAK! 

My day at the showroom went fast like usual, and I got to learn how to process returns that need to be sent back to Germany, and handled more buyer’s queries. I also got some exciting news that I will be working in store again tomorrow morning at the world’s largest shopping mall, Westfield at Stratford City. I loved working in the Esprit store on Oxford Street last month, and I’m excited to go to a different location and help out there. I love getting out of the showroom now and then and being in the actual Esprit stores. 

Back at the flat I’ve been cranking out these term papers, and I definitely got my “second wind” considering I’m already sleep deprived from the night before. The thing that is motivating me for the end of this week is definitely Fall Break, and traveling in mainland Europe for ten days. It will be nice to not have to be at my internship or in classes, and to actually relax for once in my life. Which, for those of you who know me, know that I don’t relax. Ever. I’m also finalizing my plans with my parents for when they arrive at the end of my term in December, and found out that we will be traveling to Scotland, France, and Switzerland (as well as them seeing London). I’m most excited for Switzerland because my parents told me we are staying at a ski lodge, which made my day. I can’t wait for them to get here, because I miss them like crazy, and I want to show them the real London. The longer I live here, the more I realize I’m getting more accustomed to British ways than American ways. I’m so out of the loop with “what’s hot” in America, because I’m surrounded by British news, music, etc. I’ve also definitely picked up the lingo because when I skyped a friend yesterday, instead of saying apartment, I said flat. Well, I’m about to curl up with my book, cup of tea, and have the British X Factor as background noise for the rest of the night.


Chiyo: The Good Life

September 6, 2011

Finally. A day where I got to sleep in. The girls in the triple slept in until 10:30, and took our sweet time getting ready for the travel fair at CAPA. A group of us went together and entered raffles, learned about all the various side trips we can go on, and I was really close to booking a trip to Amsterdam/Bruge but we all decided to wait and figure out our schedules. Allie and I really wanted to go shopping to find outfits for London’s Fashion Night Out this Thursday, so we split off from the group who were going to the museums, and went in search of fabulous outfits. 

High Street Kensington is one of the main areas for shopping, and not too far from where we take class, so that was where we headed off to. After going into shops like Topshop and Zara, we stumbled upon several vintage shops where we struck gold. I ended up purchasing a dress for only 3 pounds, and Allie got a dress that could be seen in Mad Men for 10 pounds. Both of our dresses are our outfits of choice for our event on Thursday night, and we couldn’t be any happier. I’m so glad I have a roommate who is just as fashion obsessed as me! The rain started to come down really hard, so we ran into a Starbucks that was nearby, and I was disappointed to see how small their selection of drinks was! The rain had stopped, and somehow through all the walking we did, we ended up in Notting Hill, which was quite the trek from where we started. 

Now we’re all back at the flat, and Allie and I are having our “spa night” to unwind from our very fun day. I love how on our days off we spend the entire day exploring the city. I find something new and exciting every single day. One Republic’s “Good Life” definitely describes my life right now…

Here’s my 3 pound dress I got at the vintage shop!:


Lindsey: Life in London

May 28, 2011

Hi all! Its been about a week since I’ve written in here last, I thought I better update you all on my week! So this week was the first week of classes and for my internship. I am interning at a fashion company as an ecommerce intern. Very fun! It’s a way different atmosphere than anywhere I’ve ever worked, and I enjoy every second of it. And I’ve already worked 20 hours this week! Wowza. 

I’m starting to feel way more at home here now. Since I ride the tube/bus everyday, I’m also starting to fit in, as long as I don’t talk so that they hear my accent. People from here say that we all speak American, not English. I’m not kidding, everyone says that. O well! I even grab a newspaper every morning to hide myself behind on the tube, just like everyone else. No wonder Londoners are so up to date on US current events—it’s all over their newspapers! However that might have been because Obama was here this week. Who knows. Also, in every single store I go into they are playing American music. AND on TV all they show is really old American reruns! Crazy. We may speak American, but they don’t seem to mind our culture. I’m also getting used to crossing the street. It’s such a difficult task. First, you have to remember to to look right first, NOT left. Then you scurry across to a tiny little median and wait as the cars go by on either side of you. Finally, you look left and run across. The cars drive like crazy over here, and we learned tonight that if they flash their lights at you, it means they will let you cross! 
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