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Chiyo: Chelsea vs. Liverpool

November 29, 2011


I am still on an endorphin high from the experience I had tonight. I went to a Chelsea vs Liverpool match with Jamie, Rene, and Curtis, and it was unbelievable. I was the only Chelsea fan out of the four of us, Jamie a Liverpool fan, and Curtis and Rene just reallyyyy love soccer. It made me think back to the days when I was a striker several years ago.

Football is INTENSE here, and the fans are loyal, loud, and bloody fun. Jamie and I had the better pair of tickets (since she purchased them), and we got to sit in the lower sections. I could literally make out every players face (Go Torres!). Both sides were roaring with cheers, and although you can’t really understand what they’re saying, because it’s like a battle between the two sides, it was awesome. Earlier this semester we went to a lower level league team, but that was nothing compared to the professionals. I was definitely screaming and cursing a lot, and I think I have said “oy!” about 20 times throughout the match. It was an intense game, with the refs making a lot of bad calls against Chelsea. At one point when Liverpool was ahead, they had to bring out the brigade of security guards because like I said before, soccer fans are loyal and loud. It gets to a point where you wonder if someone is going to storm the field if a bad call is made because they get that crazy. Jamie had to keep her comments to herself since she was surrounded by Chelsea fans, and I was thankful for that. She would have been torn to bits if she made it known she was a Liverpool fan. 

Liverpool ended up winning, and it was a big upset because Chelsea had made some really good attempts, but just failed every time. Torres choked as usual, but at least our players know how to stay up on two feet (Liverpool’s players kept falling down). On the way home, it was mass chaos. Trying to get to the tube station from the stadium was hard enough. We had people pushing and shoving, and the Liverpool fans were cheering things like, “Thank you for buying Torres, Torres, Thank you for buying Torres…” Just to get on the tube you had to fight your way through the crowds, and I used my “fun sized” body to my advantage. I saw a dad pick up his small child, shove himself on the tube, and he barely made it on, with his son in midair to keep him from getting squished. 

It was one of those nights where once you’re on public transportation, everything goes your way. After we got off our one train to get a connecting one, there was one right when we got to the platform. We had to transfer one more time to get home, and the train was there in less than a minute. And the 297, which is a bloody disaster half the time, was actually at the bus stop, and we hopped right on. I still can’t believe I was at the Chelsea vs Liverpool game tonight. I won’t forget it. 

Chelsea and Liverpool are rivals, and here is one of the Chelsea songs they sing. 


Michelle: Football!

April 20, 2011

Last Sunday was a very important day for the Montpellier Soccer team. Facing off against their rivals, Olympique Marseille, Montpellier had the make the cut for European qualification. Before playing Marseille, Montpellier was 8th in their league (Ligue 1). The top three teams in the league qualify for the Champions League and the 4th team qualifies for the UEFA Europa League. If the winners of Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue are teams 1-4, then teams 5 and 6 play in the Europa League as well. If Montpellier had won by a margin of 3 against Marseilles and one of the two teams above them lost or tied, Montpellier would have been 6th giving them a good chance of being in the Europa League. Confusing, right? Try trying to sort through that in French.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud scored the first goal in the 64th min. However, Marseille had a quick response with a goal in the 69th minute. When Montpellier’s El Kaotari tugged Marseille’s Loic Remy’s shirt keeping him from scoring, Remy responded by punching him in the face. Two red cards were awarded as well as the penalty shot by Taye Taiwo that put Marseille ahead for their ultimate win.

Before going to the game, I wish I would have learned some of the chants because there were a lot of them. The only words I was really able to understand from either team’s chants were “allez allez allez allez.” I’m told that in the case of some of Marseille’s chants, it’s better that way. Here are some from Montpellier though:

…and a bit of soccer vocabulary

tirer au but – to take a shot
une mi-temps – half
Avoir chaud – to have a close call (Montpellier avait chaud mais leur guardian a arrêté le but)
Marquer un but – to score a point
le terrain– the pitch
être hors jeu – to be offside
un carton rouge/jaune – red/yellow card

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