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Sara: Guayaquil

November 14, 2011

This past weekend me and a friend (Shelby) went to the largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil.  It’s on the coast and it was HOT and super humid! We had a ton of fun and did a ton of different things; we happened to miss our flights, but got new ones so everything worked out pretty great in the end!

On Saturday we went to this giant market that was probably 4 football fields by 5 football fields, and yes we got lost quite a few times. We also spent some of the day walking along the boardwalk, called the Malecon and went to a random garden which was beautiful. We ate in a restaurant on the boardwalk where I had Churrasco which is beef covered in a red/yellow pepper and onion sauce topped off by a fried egg; definitely one of my favorite meals here! Then we found a free museum, which also happened to be air-conditioned, it was really cool to see all the old pirate relics!

Later that night we went out in some dresses we bought (which we tried on over our clothes in the middle of the market) and had dinner and decided to take a ride on a pirate ship that circled the harbor.  It was a lot of fun and after we headed back to our hotel because we walked almost a total of 20 miles this weekend!

On Sunday we went back to the market and walked around some more and took tons of pictures with statues and of buildings, Guayaquil really is an amazing city.  We stumbled upon this park in the center of the city which was crawling with iguanas (hence the name iguana park).  The iguanas were roaming free and there were a ton up in the trees too, we also saw quite a few snapping turtles at the park and a ton of pigeons too. We then flew back into Quito and then took the bus back to Otavalo, to our internships, which will start back up tomorrow. Only 4 more weeks left in Ecuador though, time is really flying by!

The Malecon The Garden Shelby and I, before the Pirate Ship Another Garden Me at Iguana Park Iguana Park


Kathryn: Guayaquil

May 20, 2010

The last two weeks I have passed the time with my lovely and welcoming Ecuadorian relatives. It has been a dream since my childhood to know the places, people and culture that my grandfather was born into and left over fifty years ago to come to the U.S., so this was an especially meaningful part of my trip to Ecuador. I stayed with my mother’s cousin Vicky, daughter of my Abuelito’s sister Maria Rosa. I met lots of cousins, aunts and uncles, but spent the majority of my time with Vicky, her husband Fernando and their three children. Andrea is 26, Vicky Sue is 20, and Fernandito is 14.

They live in a gated community in a beautiful area a few miles outside of the city. During my stay with them they showed me around Guayaquil; we went to the Cathedral, Parque de las Iguanas, El Malecon (a boardwalk lined with simple attractions like old train cars, ice cream stands, fountains, mini-monuments, etc.), and El Parque Historico.

Over the weekend they took me to a couple of beaches I wanted to visit: Salinas, Punta Blanca, and Montanita.  The sun there is extremely strong, but I used 50 SPF and didn’t burn!

I spent time with my Great Aunt Maria Rosa, who spends a lot of time putting puzzles together and is adorable.  I also went to classes with my cousin Vicky Sue who is studying jewelry design and is incredibly creative and talented.  I went to church with Vicky, who is very active at Santa Teresita, the family parish just a few blocks away.  Fernandito and I did some cooking together; we made lemon bars and chocolate chip cookies! In general I was able to relax a lot and enjoy getting to know the family and improving my Spanish through long conversations. All in all it has been a lovely stay.  I will try to do a last post in the next couple of days to close out the blog. Thank you all for reading!

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