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Chiyo: Guy Fawkes night

November 7, 2011

Saturday for Guy Fawke’s Night was so much fun. The day started off with me and my flatmate Katie going to Borough Market, a great place to grab fresh produce, and other great food finds. After walking around the market for awhile, we stopped in a nearby pub for a pint and classic British food. We walked along the Thames, and after a few hours of enjoying the typical London weather, we headed home to Ealing to prepare for Guy Fawke’s festivities. 

We quickly ate dinner, and grabbed Jamie to head out to Battersea Park to purchase our tickets, since we heard this was THE place to be for Guy Fawke’s Night, and we wanted to make sure we got there in time for the fireworks. It was mass chaos trying to get to the park, because there were so many people out for Guy Fawke’s Night, and after a slight lou detour at Oxford Circus, we were on our way to the park. Between too many people trying to catch the same tube as us, and Katie and I in our “focus mode,” we ended up losing Jamie and made it onto the tube, but she didn’t. She forgot her cell at the flat, so getting ahold of her was impossible, and we prayed that she somehow made it safe to the park and got to see the fireworks show (she did). There were thousands upon thousands of people, massive bonfires around the park, and good times all around. The fireworks show lasted a good 20 min, and was set to different songs involving the word “fire” in them. I got super excited when they played Owl City’s “fireflies” because Adam is from Minnesota.They ended the show with Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, one of my favorite songs, and it was overall such a great show. Because the queues were so long to try and get out of the park, Katie and I tried to attempt to hop the fence like everyone else was doing. However, between the rain during the day that made the fence all slippery and me wearing ballerina flats, neither of us succeeded making it over the fence. So we joined the queue and eventually made it out of the park. We ended up walking a long distance to get to a tube station that was somewhat close to our tube stop (aka 9 stops away), and after what felt like ages we made it to our stop, and took the tube home.

This morning (or should I say afternoon) since I didn’t get up until noon, Katie and I had a movie day/night. I watched Friends with Benefits, the Change up, and No Strings Attached, and it was definitely a Rom Com kind of day/night. In between movies I got to catch up with my UN roomies back in the states, and it was so good seeing them. I can’t believe another week/weekend has gone by, and it is already the start of a new week tomorrow. Time is definitely flying by here!

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