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Whitney: Amazing weekend

December 12, 2011

WOW. It has been an amazing weekend. Seriously, I have so many good things to say, so I’ll start from the beginning. On Friday my friend Victoire invited me to see a band called Paper Planes at a club called “Chester’s Live Music” in Kreuzberg. The show was great and so was the audience. We were all dancing and cheering and drinking, which made for a great combination! And it was the first time I’d hung out with Victoire outside of class which was also really great. I got home pretty late, got about three hours of sleep, and woke up exhausted to get ready for my day-trip to Dresden with the International Club! 

Thankfully I was able to sleep a bit on the 3-hour train-ride to Dresden, but before I fell asleep the most wonderful thing happened. My friend Emilie asked me if I had come up with a plan for Christmas yet since I had previously told her I wasn’t flying home, and I sadly admitted that all my plans had fallen through. She then asked if I would want to spend Christmas with her and her family in France! I was so shocked that at first I didn’t know what to say (I mean, what if she was kidding?!), but I eventually thanked her and said that YES, I would absolutely love to spend Christmas in France! I am so so excited to see her hometown and to be around family during Christmas, even if it’s not my own. I just feel like this was the thing I was waiting for. Just for someone to reach out and let me know that something good is always right around the bend. In the words of the band Bishop Allen, “If it’s ever gonna get any better, it’s gotta get worse for a day”. It got worse, but now it’s definitely better.

The picture above is from the Christmas Markets in Dresden. It was an absolutely charming little city, but it is so strange to think that almost all of it was destroyed during the Second World War, so most of the buildings that appear old are actually fairly new and are just built to look like the old ones. It’s very odd. The Christmas Markets were fantastic – there was Glühwein and music and hundreds of stands selling ornaments, winter gloves and hats, and tons of tasty food. The only downside was how completely overcrowded it was. I actually lost my group for the last few hours of the day when I stopped to take a picture and it was impossible to find them again so I just ended up doing my own thing. Overall though, I’m so glad I took the trip.

Sunday was a delightfully lazy day, and it ended with something wonderful: my boyfriend Gus booked his flight to come visit me in March! He’s really coming! It’s really going to happen and I seriously can’t stop smiling about it. It will be so unbelievably amazing to see him again – to give him a gigantic hug and savor every moment I have with him during the 11 days he’ll be here. Basically, this weekend majorly rocked my socks off.

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