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Ellen: update

October 27, 2010

To all the honorary Blanchards:

I just read the chapter about Peter on a train in India. While on a train in India. I think I get some extra points for that. I also understand the transcribed hindi. and I can do the ambiguous Indian head nod with ease.

To the commoners:

I am reading The Brother’s K while in India and it is especially significant because part of the story is set in India. Once you read it, you will know all things, and become an honorary Blanchard because it is Paul’s favorite book.

It is hard to read abook that constantly reminds me of my family while I am so far away from them and cannot shout a passage across the hall to get my dad’s reaction, but it is an amazing book and relevant to my experiences in India…in an abstract sort of way.

ANYWAY, I just got back from the Rajasthan International Folk Festival in the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur—google it, youtube it, facebook it. IT WAS AWESOME. Dede and I spent the day roaming the fort, listening to music, dancing, eating, taking pictures, dancing, eating and dancing. My favorites were Susheela Raman and the Bengali Baul philosophers/musicians.

At the Sunset Devotional event at the festival, the speaker made a poignant statement: That all things that rise must set. I am over halfway through my stay in India, so the sun is setting…but my favorite time of day is dusk. So I am pumped for the second half of this adventure but have been reflecting on the whole experience as well. Now I am back in Jaipur and have meetings to attend.

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