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Connie: Still a Shigure Virgin?

October 29, 2010

That’s actually the title of a CD I bought yesterday. It’s also by the band I’m going to suggest to you this month. Their name is 凛として時雨 (Rin toshite Shigure) and I liked them from the moment I heard them, though maybe they’re a bit strange.

A few weeks ago one of my Japanese friends invited me to go to an izakaya with him. Me and one other American went. Everyone else was Japanese. It was a good chance for immersion, though when it came to group conversations I was lost a good 80% of the time. I ended up talking one-on-one with several people, which was a bit easier. One guy I talked to got on the subject of music. I told him what I liked and he ended up suggesting this band to me. He wrote down their name and handed me the piece of paper. When I looked it up on youtube later I fell instantly in love.

Thus started my quest to find their CD. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it at any of the used CD shops, and I had to pay full price. I don’t mind so much, because I really enjoy them. This is the first song of theirs I heard.

While we’re on the subject of music, I got 12 music posters yesterday. At YouMe Town if you purchase a CD you can feel free to take a poster. Then we went to a used book store called Book Off where I bought three magazines for very cheap. One of them came with a single poster, the other contained 10. My room looks like a record shop.

I think I’m going to develop a serious liking for the band The Kiddie. Maybe you’ll see them in this post next month.

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