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Emma: Meat pies & Relay for Life

May 15, 2010

Happy Autumn! I realized the other day that in the year 2010, I will never experience the season of spring…weird! It’s getting cooler in Sydney and the beach days are coming to an end, but I am embracing the situation and continuing on with my Australian adventures.

This past week was pretty relaxed with heaps of uni work and hanging out around the village. I was battling with a paper all week and finally finished on Thursday. After I finished my paper, Betsy and I went and played in the park. Victoria Park just recently opened up a little playground, so we walked down there and played: went on the swings, giant spider web, flying fox, etc. and then played frisbee as well. We felt like such children, but it was a gorgeous day and just nice to be outside and celebrating the start of the weekend!

Friday night some of us headed out to Olympic Park for the Dragons vs Bulldogs Rugby League game. It was at ANZ Stadium, which is where the Opening Ceremonies, Track and Field, and other events took place during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. When we got inside we walked around a bit got meat pies (it’s the thing to do at sporting events) and got our seats. The game itself was awesome. I seriously love Rugby; it is so fast paced and fun to watch. It was neat to see how the crowd got into it as well. They were pretty rowdy with huge flags always waving and most them wore scarves of their team colors around their necks. New goal: find a maroon and gold scarf!

So the game is ending and we decide to leave a bit early to catch the train before the rush. We get on the train and the three of us are just chatting away… A while later it feels like we had been on the train forever so I get up to check the map and see how much longer we had. To my surprise we are not even in close proximity to where we were supposed to be. Long story short: we had missed our stop BY AN HOUR! So when we got to the next stop, we got off, asked the people there how to get back or what to do and they basically start to laugh. We were a $100.00 cab ride away from home!

At this point I am laughing, one friend is near tears, and the other is figuring out what to do. We then head to the other side of the tracks and wait for a train to get back home. It was after 11, but we had to sit and wait. There are some other people waiting: drunk, obxoxious, on some sort of drugs also waiting, and then the night gets even better. The police arrive and begin to question the situation. We tell the police we are not with the other people there so they leave us alone for a bit. After talking to the others, writing a ticket or two, doing a few strip searches etc. the police come back to us and ask what we are doing… We explain, they wish us well, and then the train arrives! An hour or so later we made it home safe and sound! Oh the many firsts we experienced that night, Rugby, getting lost, being questioned by the police. I’ll never forget the town of Asquith, Australia!

Saturday was the day I had been waiting for: RELAY FOR LIFE! I was so excited not only to be going to a Relay For Life, but just to see how it was different in other countries. The event was at the McKay Sports Grounds in Centennial Park. The Relay here was 24 hours. There were bake sales, sausage sizzles, bands, and performances all day. The energy was not as intense as Relay back home, but just being in the atmosphere was indescribable. Relay For Life really never fails to amaze me. It was a perfect day and made me appreciate my time over here a little bit more.

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