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Whitney: MskMskMskMskBoomBoomBoomBoom

October 22, 2011

Last night I went to a party for the international students of Berlin at a club called Kino International and it was really really fun! I went alone and (thankfully) ran into some awesome people right away as we were waiting outside to get in. Our group was made up of a boy from Canada, a girl from the US (me), a girl from France, and a girl from Turkey. You can’t get much more international than that! We went in and there were four different dance floors that each played a different genre of music – as you can see from the title of the post, one of them was techno 🙂

So we danced the night away until about 3am and then we decided to take off, and the funniest thing happened as we were leaving. This guy who was waiting in line to get into the club asked us why we were leaving so early and whether or not it was worth it to go in! At 3 in the morning! So I told him that it was indeed a good time inside and that we were only leaving because we were tired. I felt a teensy bit lame, but hey – IT WAS 3 IN THE MORNING.

After I parted ways with my new friends, I had a completely new obstacle to overcome: getting back home and into my bed (preferably before the sun greeted the city). I had to take three trains to get back to the Steglitz neighborhood, but I made it without falling asleep or boarding any wrong trains. I finally plopped into my bed at 4:18am. It’s now almost 3pm the next day and I am sitting in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea, wishing I could remember where I packed/unpacked my ibuprofen. Nice work, Berlin. Nice work.

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