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Chiyo: Where East meets Westfield

October 18, 2011

I got to “sleep in” today, and man was it glorious. My alarm went off at 8 am, and I took my time getting ready, since I was going to be visiting Westfield Mall to do “research” on my company. I lost track of time, and was out the door at 8:30 to catch the tube. Although I’m glad I got to go to Westfield this morning, the commute to the mall is just ridiculous! 22 stops from Ealing Broadway to Stratford, so in total it was an hour and a half commute. I had a few minutes to spare before meeting up with my supervisor, so I popped into Starbucks and thank god they knew how to make a Vanilla latte. Like I mentioned earlier in my blog, Starbucks is a lot different here, and not every location knows how to make a latte anything but just the plain ol latte. As I was waiting by Esprit, the Apple store is diagonal from it, and the queue outside of the store was massive! I wanted to pop over and see what the big deal was, but my supervisor Jean was strolling up, and the doors opened up to our store, signaling the mall was officially open.

We browsed around for a while, taking in the layout, the design of the store (since no two Esprit stores are the same), and did a bit of shopping. After meeting some of the associates and talking about the company, Jean and I went up to the second floor to look at the mens line. Working in a fashion showroom has really made me think about what area of fashion I want to get in to when I graduate college, and after looking at the men’s line today, it has only further affirmed that I would love to be a buyer for menswear. I just love men’s suits and the tailored look, and there’s just something about menswear that has caught my interest since arriving in London. Maybe it is the nicely dressed men I see every day. Who knows. But I do know that if I get an internship in the Spring or Summer in menswear, I would be quite the happy girl. Jean and I walked around the mall for a good two hours, and she told me about some of the British designers of the stores we would enter, and I taught her a thing or two about American brands, like Abercrombie and Fitch and Forever 21 (two brands that have implanted themselves in Europe). Once it was about 12:15, we headed for the underground to go to the showroom and finish up the day. 

My tasks were really simple, which was good because after shopping for the first half of the day, I was so not in the mood to do anything. I logged a few returns that need to go back to Germany, and checked on a bunch of customer’s orders. I said my goodbyes to my co-workers until October 31st, when I return from Fall Break, and headed for the tube stop, where there was quite the queue. I soon discovered that the queue for my line was so long because the tube was backed up with some complications on another line. So after waiting for a good 30 min, I was able to squeeze onto my train, and was literally packed in the tube like a sardine. Thankfully after about two stops it started to clear up, and I could move once again. Back at my flat it is just me and my roommate Diane, and I’m proud to say that I finished all my term papers that are due this week. I just need to polish my internship presentation, and then I’m calling it a night and un-winding with my book I brought from the states. 


Esprit Westfield store


Lindsey: First take!

May 19, 2011

I finally made it to London! I got here yesterday, and besides all my nervousness, I found my way to my apartment (or flat as they call it here). The place we’re living is very nice, it’s a year old and I share a flat with 5 other girls. Three from MN and the other two from the university of Pittsburgh.

So, a sum up of my last two days here:

Yesterday we got here, got settled in, and toured the neighborhood. It’s very residential where we live and there’s little parks everywhere; very cute. We all bought cell phones and of of course had to get the most touristy one out there: the Kate and William wedding version. The phone is painted like a British flag and has a background picture of the couple as the background. Just in case I forget where I am. Ha.

We finally got some lunch around 3 at Pizza Hut. Pretty American right? Not in europe! We just wanted a quick pizza BUT it was a fancy sit down restaurant! Well not super fancy, but fancier than normal pizza huts in the US. After that, we came back showered and went right to bed. Soooo sleepy.

Today we finally got to use the tube!! It was surprisingly easy and wayyy better than Minneapolis Metro Transit. The people riding it are actually normal. But absolutely no one talks. They just sit there and read their paper/book/kindle. So when a group of noisy american girls got on, we definitely got some evil stares. Londeners are very much to themselves, which I don’t mind at all!

We had orientation today about London and another one for our internships. It was a long time to spend in a classroom on a sunny day! Inbetween orientations we walked around the neighborhood to Kensington Park which reminds me a lot of central park with all the people. There we saw Kensington Palace where Princess Diana used to live. It was our first palace we saw! Probably many more to come. Also there is shopping everywhere! Even on random little streets. It’s so hard to just go in and look around and not buy anything! It makes it easier if I keep telling myself I can go to Paris with my money. Here’s a picture of the place where we take classes:

And here’s princess Diana’s Kensington Palace (bad picture, I know):

We took the tube back and finally bought some groceries because it seems like we’re always starving. We’re cooking supper now and are starting to plan the rest of our trip! Tomorrow we have a welcoming reception and Saturday we’re going on a tour of London! Exciting, exciting!!

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