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Chiyo: Sherlock

December 3, 2011

Do you ever have one of those mornings where your body just won’t let you sleep in? Yeah…it was one of those mornings for me. I was all excited that I actually got to sleep in, and didn’t even set my alarm. And then my body woke me up bright and early. So, since I was up and could not fall asleep, I went for a run around the park, and found a new running trail that is right alongside the golf course. Needless to say, I had a great run, with beautiful views of the course. Once I got back from my run my flatmate Katie was up, and after showering and catching up with her briefly, I was out the door and on my way to Tesco to get groceries. I came back with plenty of food to keep me stocked until my parents arrive on Thursday (so excited!), and then settled in to make lunch and watch a movie before heading out for the day.

Katie and I both had the Sherlock Holmes Museum on our bucket list of things to do/see in London, and with only 6(!) days left in London, we knew today was one of our last chances since finals are this coming week. We were off to the famous Baker Street to visit the museum, and once we were inside, it was just a really cool house. I took so many pictures, because I have a sorority sister back home who is absolutely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. Once we were done touring the museum, we popped into the gift shop and picked up some really great gifts for friends back home. 

The great thing about London, is that there is always, ALWAYS something new to do each day. AND, everything is pretty close to one another depending on the tube lines that you are already near. Lucky for me, Abbey Road was only one tube stop away from the museum, and I am a Beatles fan. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my dad, so I knew I had to pay a visit to Abbey Road. Katie also loves the Beatles, so she had no objections. We arrived at the famous Abbey Road, and took pictures of the crossing that they were photographed at for an album cover, and everyone who is a Beatles fan can recognize this crossing. Abbey Road Studios is also right there, so we took pictures of that as well, and right along the studio is the graffiti wall of song lyrics from their albums, and names of all the people that have come and visited. Katie and I have a tradition of leaving our mark wherever we travel, so naturally, we wrote our names on the wall. I can’t wait to show my parents where I left my name when I take them there next week, and I plan on having them right there names as well. 

The day was still young, so we went to Bond Street and walked around until we hit Marble Arch, but the crowds of people were beginning to be too much for us, and we decided to head home to our flat. I’ve got the flat to myself since Katie went to yet another play, Allie is two floors up working on term papers, and Diane has been MIA for the past 24 hours. So with my alone time I have been watching some movies, and applying for internships and jobs back in the cities. I am much appreciating the alone time, as you rarely get it here in London. I’m just hoping I can have a few more hours of peace and quiet before calling it a night.


Chiyo: Internship goodbye

December 2, 2011

Today was my last day with Esprit, and it was very bittersweet. It’s hard to believe that it is over, considering I still feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I started at my internship. I arrived a little late due to delayed trains, and immediately went to work on finishing my tasks for the term. Time flew by, and before I knew it, with 10 minutes to (officially) go before I was done, my supervisor Jean appears with a gift bag, and some of my co-workers are standing around with big smiles on their faces. They had a gift and card to present to me, and inside the card all my co-workers whom I worked closest with had signed it. I also got a box of deluxe chocolates which look absolutely scrumptious. I can’t wait to dig in! I was so surprised at the gift and card, especially after a rough Monday. It was all very bittersweet, and after finishing up my final task, I said my goodbyes to everyone. Jean told me that if I ever needed anything, to feel free to shoot her an e-mail. I will never forget the experience I got with Esprit, and I told myself I wouldn’t cry on my last day…but I did. It truly has been the internship of a lifetime, in a city that I am SO in love with. I slowly made my way home to my flat, and reminisced of all my memories with Esprit on the tube ride home.

It was just me at the flat when I got home around 2, so I made some lunch, and got straight to work on my term papers. I don’t know what got into me, but I had (and still have), this crazy motivation to write my term papers. I’ve knocked out 2 of them in just a few hours, and I have 2 more to go. One of them is a case study and is going to require a good few hours alone on research before I can start the paper, and my fourth paper is on Glastonbury Music Festival for my pop culture class that won’t be too bad to write. It was nice having the flat to myself for a few hours, but now two of my flatmates are back, and I no longer have the place to myself. 


Chiyo: the world is your oyster

November 30, 2011

I love Wednesdays for two reasons. 1) Stylist magazine comes out and is FREE and 2) I have a 5 hour break in-between classes to spend exploring London. Today during my break, I went to my favorite “escape”, Covent Garden. I didn’t realize until this afternoon how much I do in London on a regular basis. I’m always on the go, and it was nice to just stay in one place for a few hours; especially one of my favorite spots in London.

I had some Christmas shopping to do, so I went to one of my favorite stores and bought some really great gifts for friends back home. I also made a stop at Apple Market, which in the winter turns into such a cute, festive, market. There is a HUGE Christmas tree, ornaments that are probably 6 feet in width hanging up all over the ceiling, and a giant astroturf reindeer. After spending some time at Covent Garden, I headed to South Ken to get away from the protests that were taking place nearby, and went to the Natural History Museum. There is a huge exhibit on dinosaurs right now, which made me think of my old roommate, and sorority sister Basalo. I took way too many pictures, and had a little too much fun for a 22 year old. My five hours soon came to an end, but overall it was a nice break from class and my internship.

In my LTI class today, we talked about the protests that were taking place here (1.5-2 mil ppl are protesting pension cuts), and then we had to form groups and draw pictures that described our experience here in London, but with no words. So we basically drew our adventures in Ealing since we spend so much time here it seems, and we’re just that tight of a group. Back at the flat my flatmate and I are enjoying some drinks, food, and jamming out to Jessie J. 


Chiyo: Chelsea vs. Liverpool

November 29, 2011


I am still on an endorphin high from the experience I had tonight. I went to a Chelsea vs Liverpool match with Jamie, Rene, and Curtis, and it was unbelievable. I was the only Chelsea fan out of the four of us, Jamie a Liverpool fan, and Curtis and Rene just reallyyyy love soccer. It made me think back to the days when I was a striker several years ago.

Football is INTENSE here, and the fans are loyal, loud, and bloody fun. Jamie and I had the better pair of tickets (since she purchased them), and we got to sit in the lower sections. I could literally make out every players face (Go Torres!). Both sides were roaring with cheers, and although you can’t really understand what they’re saying, because it’s like a battle between the two sides, it was awesome. Earlier this semester we went to a lower level league team, but that was nothing compared to the professionals. I was definitely screaming and cursing a lot, and I think I have said “oy!” about 20 times throughout the match. It was an intense game, with the refs making a lot of bad calls against Chelsea. At one point when Liverpool was ahead, they had to bring out the brigade of security guards because like I said before, soccer fans are loyal and loud. It gets to a point where you wonder if someone is going to storm the field if a bad call is made because they get that crazy. Jamie had to keep her comments to herself since she was surrounded by Chelsea fans, and I was thankful for that. She would have been torn to bits if she made it known she was a Liverpool fan. 

Liverpool ended up winning, and it was a big upset because Chelsea had made some really good attempts, but just failed every time. Torres choked as usual, but at least our players know how to stay up on two feet (Liverpool’s players kept falling down). On the way home, it was mass chaos. Trying to get to the tube station from the stadium was hard enough. We had people pushing and shoving, and the Liverpool fans were cheering things like, “Thank you for buying Torres, Torres, Thank you for buying Torres…” Just to get on the tube you had to fight your way through the crowds, and I used my “fun sized” body to my advantage. I saw a dad pick up his small child, shove himself on the tube, and he barely made it on, with his son in midair to keep him from getting squished. 

It was one of those nights where once you’re on public transportation, everything goes your way. After we got off our one train to get a connecting one, there was one right when we got to the platform. We had to transfer one more time to get home, and the train was there in less than a minute. And the 297, which is a bloody disaster half the time, was actually at the bus stop, and we hopped right on. I still can’t believe I was at the Chelsea vs Liverpool game tonight. I won’t forget it. 

Chelsea and Liverpool are rivals, and here is one of the Chelsea songs they sing. 


Chiyo: Keep calm, and carry on

November 28, 2011

There’s a saying in Britain, that can be found on posters, tea mugs, oyster card holders, you name it, it’s probably on there. My life motto is probably “Keep Calm, and Carry On,” and today that motto definitely came in handy when I needed it most. 

Waking up to my alarm after a rough night of sleep due to my cough attacks keeping me up, was not pleasant. I arrived at work a few minutes late because of delayed trains on my side of town, and was given my first task for the morning. It is actually one of my favorite tasks. I was given several orders to place for a buyer, and for some reason this task keeps me calm and centered. But before I could get to that, one of my supervisors asked if we could talk in private. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was little whenever an adult pulled you aside to “talk in private” it was never a good thing. So I wasn’t expecting her to be all unicorns and rainbows and life is FANTASTIC! We sat down, and she asked me if I was happy at Esprit. I was thrown for a loop, because all I do is rave about my internship. After some talking and some other things said, I was pretty torn apart, and let’s just say it ended with me “meditating” for a good 20 minutes in the hallway. 

After  collecting myself, and with a Keep Calm and Carry On mindset, I went back to work. It felt like the longest 8 1/2 hours of my life. I was so happy to see the clock tick 5, which signaled that I was free to go home for the night. I got home and was delighted to have an empty flat, and found out that my friend is taking me to the Chelsea vs. Liverpool game tomorrow night! So that turned my horrible day around. 

I’ve learned that through the negatives, you just have to turn them into a positive. You can either sit and mope, and not do anything about it, or you can take what you have been given, and use it to make you a better person in other fields of life. So that is exactly what I am going to do. I have 1 1/2 days left at my internship, and plan on making the most of it, even though this afternoon I wanted to give up and shut myself down. I want to go out strong, and show them that I can overcome what I’ve been told, and use it to my advantage. 


Our holiday campaign, with new door front at my showroom


Chiyo: Blink and you’ll miss it

November 27, 2011

I almost forgot about a really cool event going on in London today, and I’m glad that I remembered it last night, or I would have missed out on something that only happens once a year. I told my flatmate about it last night, and she wanted to come along as well, so around 11, after sleeping in we left the flat and set out on our adventure.

The event that only takes place once a year, is on Leake Street, where there is a tunnel. Blink, and you’ll miss it. This is the tunnel known for graffiti artists to express their inner ‘artiste.’ After visiting Berlin and seeing all the graffiti there, I really gained a better appreciation for wall art, and so when I heard about this event via Twitter, I knew I had to go see it. This event is a two hours long, and the theme changes every year. You literally get to watch them “do their stuff” live, and see the process from start to finish. There was music bumping, and they were all drinking beers. It was just a very laid-back environment, and you could tell they were in the moment. I’m not sure what the theme is this year, but I was glad I got to take part and be a witness to such a cool form of art. After we hung out in the tunnel watching the artwork come to life, Katie and I were hungry so we went to Slug and Lettuce for lunch before heading to our next destination. 

Once we finished with lunch, we were off to Kingston, which is a good 40 minutes from Waterloo station. Ever since I got out of London the first time a few weeks back, I haven’t been able to stop. It’s just nice to explore new cities, and it is a nice change of pace. The main reason why we went to Kingston was due to an attraction that we had heard about. There are these telephone booths that are tipped over like a domino effect, and the title of the work is called, “Out of Service.” It’s located right on Old London Road, and quite the attraction. Kingston was quite the lovely town, and on the way to Kingston via the train, there is a town called Strawberry Hill. After taking our pictures, we grabbed Starbucks (I spend wayyy too much money there…) and walked around the town. All the Christmas decorations are up, and I oohed and aahhed at them because they were so pretty. We stopped in a shopping centre nearby, and there were these Christmas decorations that at the top, open up like a blooming flower, and there’s characters inside of them(see facebook for pics). Katie and I popped into Esprit, where I have gotten her hooked on the clothes, and we both ended up making purchases. Shops close around 5 pm on Sundays in the UK, so we made our way back to the station to head home to get to our term papers. 

Back at the flat it’s just me, Katie, and Allie. We only have two weeks of school/finals left, so we’re all absorbed in writing our term papers. Time to get back to work!


One of the artists hard at work




Chiyo: Turkey Day in London

November 25, 2011

Unlike everyone else back in the states who is on Thanksgiving Break, my life stayed the same here in London since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Although we don’t get off school or internships, I can’t really complain considering we had a 10 day Fall Break at the end of October, so it’s a fair trade off. My voice sounded horrid this morning from being sick, and I was not ready to take on the day. 

We got our final case study in my int’l mktg class, which I’m super excited about because it is about Ferrari. And I absolutely LOVE cars. We did a small group exercise like we normally do every week, and this time it was a little different because it was about pricing strategy and after we gave what we thought were the correct multiple choice answers, our prof gave us the author’s answers and we were given a score from 1-5. Well…our team apparently is not very good at pricing strategy because we came in dead last. After class got out i had a field trip for my pop culture class in Camden Town, so I headed out of school and onto the tube for the gajillionth time.

Today our field trip was a trip to the Jewish Museum, which was surprisingly a fun field trip. We had a de-briefing by this cute old man who volunteers at the museum once a week, and he was so cheeky and lovely. My favorite section of the museum had to of been the memorial to the holocaust, because it was different from every other museum I have met on the holocaust, and way different from the concentration camp I visited when I was just 15 years old. This memorial stood out because it focused on one survivor from the holocaust, who is from Britain and after he was liberated, spent the rest of his life giving speeches about what happened during those awful years. It was such a moving section of the museum, and they have a video running of the man telling his story. I think the one thing that I will take away with me from that memorial was how after his wife, him, and his son got shipped off to the first of many concentration camps, 15 minutes later the papers that proved they were British citizens and which would have kept them safe from being deported had arrived. Fifteen minutes. That just breaks my heart, because his little boy and wife were taken to the gas chambers, and he didn’t find this out until he was liberated. 

I was looking forward to CAPA Thanksgiving, and even though I knew it would not even come close to what it would have been like back home in the states, it was still really great of them to put on a dinner for all of us. At my table, it was all Newman kids, and we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. It was then that I really missed being home with my family, where I would be cooking up a storm with my mom and sister. In the hotel where we had dinner though, they were showing the Packer game which I thought was awesome. I couldn’t really tell if the food was any good or not to be honest, because I have lost all sense of taste and smell due to being sick. I did however, take full advantage of eating lots and lots of mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry sauce. It may not have been the Thanksgiving that I am used to, but I will always remember “Turkey Day” in London 🙂


My school put decorations up for us 🙂

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