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Chiyo: Leaving London…

December 11, 2011

This morning I left London for good. Besides going back through via the airport, I won’t be able to walk around London until I return next. It still doesn’t feel real, and won’t feel real until I am back in the states. I feel as if I am in a dream, and I have yet to wake up from this awesome adventure. My parents and I got ready to go to the station, and made our way to King’s Cross about an hour before our train departed at 10:30 this morning. 

We were traveling First Class, and damn, did it feel good. The seats were soooo comfortable, and the food was yummy. Bonus was the free wifi that we had in our coach. The scenery was gorgeous on our way up to Scotland, and my dad and I kept geeking out over the flocks of sheep we saw. Like I said before, my dad and I are kind of obsessed with sheep now. There was only a small delay on our way up, when a herd of cattle were crossing the train tracks, so we were going at a very slow speed and had to wait for them to pass. Only in Scotland would you have to wait for a herd of cattle to pass! We finally made it to Edinburgh around 15:30, and found our way to a cash machine so my parents could take out more cash, in which they encountered a problem…

My dad was trying to get money from the machine, and it said it was dispensing our money, but then just…STOPPED. It ate my dad’s debit card. There was nothing the bank could do, and all the told us was that we needed to call our bank in the states. Being that it is a Sunday, banks are closed back home, so all we had left was to leave them a message to get into contact with us ASAP. What a “welcome to Scotland!” After grabbing a taxi, (and learning that here, they call a cow a “coo” because it is easier to pronounce), we made our way to our hotel and dropped our luggage off before embarking on finding food, and visiting the Christmas market nearby. We ate at a restaurant called Whiski, and I had nooo idea Scotland was known for Whiskey. So naturally, my dad and I ordered Whiskey drinks, and we ate traditional UK food. It had started to rain, but we trekked on and went to the market. My dad and I found a great Whiskey shop, and I got some great ideas for gifts. We picked up a few souvenirs, walked the market, and are now back in our room watching the X Factor finale. Tomorrow, we head out to see St. Andrews and other attractions outside of Edinburgh, and I can’t wait!

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