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Daniel: Jueves, Viernes, y Xochicalco images

January 31, 2010
A carving atop the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, a structure that was constructed to commemorate an astronomical conference during the Epiclassic period, cerca 700-900AD. Each participant or contributor to the conference had their portrait carved somewhere on the walls of the temple.
Insane view.

Temple of the Feathered Serpent.
One of three ball courts, this one being the oldest and still has it’s rings intact. It’s relative age in comparison to the other two can be determined by how steep the walls are leading up to the rings. The steeper the wall, the more recent the construction.

Favorite pictures I’ve taken thus far. This dog doesn’t leave an intersection near the school. Ever.

Daniel: Xochicalco

January 31, 2010

I had the chance to go to Xochicalco yesterday with a group today and learned more than my mind could possibly handle. Charlie Goff (Charliopedia Gofftanica as I will now refer to him), who runs Cemanahuac, leads all of the tours we go on and knows more information about anthropology and Mexican history than I will most likely ever know about myself. The place was beautiful and exceptionally interesting as I had just finished an anthropology course on the rise of civilizations before coming to Mexico. Luckily, the last unit we did was Mezoamerica and specifically Teotihuacan, which was basically the predecessor to Xochicalco and may have lead to the fall of Teotihuacan during the Epiclassic period around 700AD. This made things both relevant and insanely easier to understand.

Last night, I also went to a birthday party for the brother of my host mother, who teaches a photography class (and is also a professional photographer) at another local university. It was a blast. I didn’t say or do much beyond eating amazing food and talking about what I was studying and such, but listening to his/her family was hilarious. I’ve found that while my Spanish speaking seems to have leveled off pretty sharply since being here (Instead of talking quickly and fluidly, I’ve been trying to speak using the correct words and enunciating a bit more), my comprehension is fantastic. I understood a fair amount of what was being said every time someone would tell a story a make a joke. Hilarious people.

On Monday, I’m going to have the opportunity to go with Martin (brother of my host mother) to attend one of his classes and also talk to the philosophy department about their exchange program with the U of M. Couldn’t be more pumped for that. He also said that if he gets any work any time soon, he’ll bring me so we can tag team it, and of course split the payment. I can only hope a wedding or something comes up.

I’ll post quite a few pictures following this post of Xochicalco and of some stuff that I took around the school. Enjoy.

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